First DarkKarmaWriter Post

Greetings, greetings, fellow stargazers!  This is the first official post from DarkKarmaWriter, my new personal blog.

Thanks to my wife Jamie for her help on the transition from my old blog to this one.  Not sure about the theme (my choice).  But it’s fine for now.

I was in the middle of the sordid behind-the-scenes details of “Proteus Rising” when I switched websites.  Switching to WordPress — which is great so far — and the oncoming work on “Proteus” itself caused the delay.

Updates are coming.  One exciting development already.  My wife and I have been secretly unfriended.  Oooooh.  What courage.

So if this posting goes through with relative ease, we’ll get right back to my sordid tale of passive-aggressive intrigue.

Intro to “Proteus Rising”

Let me start with profound apologies to anyone who cares about this here empty space of mine, my personal blog. The last few years have been turbulent, full of all those things, as John Lennon once wrote, that happen while you make other plans. Personal and professional conflicts. Illness. And family losses, including my father. I wish I knew how to juggle blogging and all those other things at the time. But I’m here now.

And Facebook is one hell of a time sink. Hello, Facebook, by the way.

I return with a mission. I’m stuck with a story that probably won’t ever be produced. Two reasons. One, it’s a Doctor Who story and their writing assignments are by invitation only. The second reason: The exec producer of this fanfic project, Neil Marsh (not the showrunners of the actual BBC production), is into passive-aggressive behavior. He has run away. Rather than abandon this project yet again, I intend to finish it — here on this blog.

The next several postings will feature the work in progress. If you were ever curious how a story or a script is written (or how I write them), maybe they’ll be interesting. Normally, copyright concerns would keep me from doing something like this. But Doctor Who is a BBC property and I wouldn’t claim otherwise. This is partly an exercise to begin with, playing with somebody’s else concepts to see what can be done.

But I also wanted to prove the work was being done — and that it’s worth doing. Enablers and apologists can dismiss the work and the worth out of hand, I’m sure. They almost have to. Otherwise they’d have to re-evaluate who and what they’re enabling and excusing.

Therefore, all and sundry are on notice: If Neil insists on abandoning this project, it won’t be for lack of a great story.

Because it’ll be here, true believers. Stay tuned.