1st Outline: “I, Proteus”

Right, back to the tangled roots of the Doctor Who audio project called something-Proteus-something.

You might remember the background.  Neil Marsh and I were working on a fan audiodrama where the Doctor was female.  Fanboy dickering drove the project into a ditch twice before.  A big popularity contest.  Sort of like high school, only shorter.  We moved on to Afterhell after that.

The worst of it faded into the background noise of the scriptwriting process.  Unfortunately that was an even bigger mess.

I started on a full outline of the whole storyline, cliffhangers and all.  Then Neil sent an e-mail, panicking.  Forget the outline, he said.  He could really use a script, something to show people.

I wrote the first few scripts based on what I had.  Then he grew concerned about the plotting.  Stop the scriptwriting.  He wanted the outline after all.

I went back to the outline, only to get more e-mails begging for scripts.

And so on and and so on.

Neil was always nervous.  Never satisfied.  Whatever I gave him, he needed more.  All this while writing Afterhell.  Yup, he had me writing two radio series at the same time.  And like an idiot, I went through this vicious cycle a few times, back and forth.  Recipe for burnout.

Anyway, after the jump,  this is the rough but completed outline for “I, Proteus.”

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First DarkKarmaWriter Post

Greetings, greetings, fellow stargazers!  This is the first official post from DarkKarmaWriter, my new personal blog.

Thanks to my wife Jamie for her help on the transition from my old blog to this one.  Not sure about the theme (my choice).  But it’s fine for now.

I was in the middle of the sordid behind-the-scenes details of “Proteus Rising” when I switched websites.  Switching to WordPress — which is great so far — and the oncoming work on “Proteus” itself caused the delay.

Updates are coming.  One exciting development already.  My wife and I have been secretly unfriended.  Oooooh.  What courage.

So if this posting goes through with relative ease, we’ll get right back to my sordid tale of passive-aggressive intrigue.