And so it begins….

This is more of a last-ditch effort than anything else. I haven’t been able to stay in touch with nearly as many people as I’d like, and as time and work progresses, it’s bound to get worse long before it gets better. (Santa, I would like a smaller workload for Christmas. And if I don’t get it, I swear I’ll blow yer freakin’ head off….)

So if you really, really, really wonder what’s going on in my labyrinthine psyche in these times of trials, troubles, and tribulations–not to mention alliteration–this is the place. I’ll be polite where I can, honest where I can’t not, and brutally sarcastic where I slip up. I want to make this space as family-friendly as possible, but you can see the brilliant success I’ve had in just 40-50 words. Not even a paragraph in, and already I’m convincing the local authorities that it’s time to send in the negotiators.

I’m new to this blog malarky. Please bear with me. If you don’t, well, the scars will heal in time. (A very long time if I have anything to say about it….)

I certainly don’t want this to be one of those silly, self-indulgent things where you see cute little icons dancing around, painstaking descriptions of my trip to the mall, listings for what I’m currently listening to or my current mood. If you can’t tell how I’m feeling at the end of each entry, we’re all screwed.

Welcome to my world. Now don’t touch anything–you’ll get fingerprints all over it. 😉