First DarkKarmaWriter Post

Greetings, greetings, fellow stargazers!  This is the first official post from DarkKarmaWriter, my new personal blog.

Thanks to my wife Jamie for her help on the transition from my old blog to this one.  Not sure about the theme (my choice).  But it’s fine for now.

I was in the middle of the sordid behind-the-scenes details of “Proteus Rising” when I switched websites.  Switching to WordPress — which is great so far — and the oncoming work on “Proteus” itself caused the delay.

Updates are coming.  One exciting development already.  My wife and I have been secretly unfriended.  Oooooh.  What courage.

So if this posting goes through with relative ease, we’ll get right back to my sordid tale of passive-aggressive intrigue.

Coming Full Circle

This is it, folks! The official grand re-opening. As of this date, this place is the cyberspace for those curious about my teeny-tiny sector of the cosmos.

Welcome one and all! And my apologies to anyone who’s been (trying to) follow me back and forth from one blog to another. I’ll do my best to keep it entertaining.

Is This Thing On?

[thmpthmp] Hello? Just checking the mike here. Yet again, Blogger announced a revamp. Would that be a revamp for their revamp, or a re-revamp? Not an ubervamp, by any means. Anyway, they promise a WYSIWYG interface which would’ve been nice at the start. And they’re allowing comments too. Oh yeah? We’ll see.

One thing in their favor right now. My uJournal account has been down for over a week, which is really unusual, not to mention effing annoying. I’m not leaving uJ necessarily, but I’ve already got this one, so what the heck.