Okay, heard about the new Blogger. Stayed away from the old Blogger because I got tired of struggling with it. I’m not a web-code maven. Never pretended to be. I got a feeling it’ll have nothing to do with a cure for cancer.

I was thinking about coming back here to my old blog. A little revamp, add comments, keep this for my private circle of friends. So far I haven’t had a lot of luck here.

One thought on “Dive-dive-dive….

  1. How does one show “luck” on a blog? by the number of comments? Pshaw…
    People read, then pass by, not all comment.. I’m one 🙂
    Thing is, we read… and you get to unload your anxieties to the ether.. it’s a lot like throwing them up into the air, and letting the wind take it off, away from you..
    Most ‘people’ would call that ‘good therapy’.. LOL

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